Pandemic Diaries #15
Pandemic Diaries #15
Pandemic Diaries #14 ;Shanghai Lockdown Day #24

April 2021

on the complicated legacy of Gu Cheng's poems

March 2021

"We all believe in life. We feel a certain devotion.”

February 2021

hello substack, hello grief my old friend
lint balls & poems

November 2020

Pandemic Diaries #12 Nov 21, 2020 Pub Day! Dear friends, Today is the day my chapbook leaves the insides of my most private language, and into the wild…
[updating the email I sent earlier due to faulty links--thank you for pointing that out to me!] Dear friends, I've been in my mother's hometown, where…

October 2020

Dear friends, A quick update to apologize for writing my Venmo username wrong in my last email, (the correct account is @jinjin-xu, my confirmation…
Dear friends, After many midnight (time-zone altering) trials, re-shuffling and slashing of poems, and other strange hiccups, my chapbook is, as of…

September 2020

Dear friends, (still from VR light show "Beyond Garden") In this time of bleakness, I would like to invite you to a light show "Beyond Garden"! I…